​​​​​Metro Leadership Foundation


Kevin Attkisson

Kevin is a Founding Partner for Bluegrass Capital Advisors. He serveas their Managing Partner and is responsible for overseeing the management of the firm.


Randy Attkisson

A founding member of First Southern Bancorp, Randy retired from the active management team in 2008. He is Co-Founder and Partner of Bluegrass Financial Holdings, LLC and affiliates.  Randy serves on the board of First Southern insurance affiliate, UTG, Inc., and is Chairman of the Metro Leadership Foundation.

Dr. Phyllis Platt

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Platt holds a Masters of Social Work Degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a PhD in Social Work from the University of Kentucky.  Her area of expertise is organizational development including grant-writing and program evaluation


Andrew "Skipper" Martin



(502) 457-6039

Dr. Louise Byrd

​Director, Educational Programs

Dr. Byrd is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and Spalding University. As a highly skilled educator and District Achievement Gap Coordinator for   the Kentucky Department of Education, she supports the premise that building success in the schools requires a partnership with home   and community.  She has conducted numerous workshops for national, state and local professional groups and organizations.

Metro Leadership Foundation was created with a vision to transform our city for God by bringing people together from across all Christ centered denominations to solve issues to difficult for any one Church to tackle on its own. From the time our committee was formed in 2013 and our board of directors came together in 2014, we have sought to identify and to come along side of leaders in the Louisville area who are making a difference for Christ one person, one family, and one community at a time. 

To Connect, Unify, and Mobilize the Body of Christ across denominations to address needs within our urban communities to complex for any one church to tackle on their own.                          



Our History
In early 2014, a team of local business, education, and Christian ministry leaders were assembled to discuss the pressing educational needs within our urban communities. That team, led by Rev. Matthew E. Smyzer and area businessman Randal Attkisson, worked together to develop a strategy to address those needs and the Education Matters Task Force was created.  As a result of those meetings there arose a clear picture that more than just lagging reading scores and poor academic performance issues were plaguing our urban communities.  To really make an eternal impact on the lives and neighborhoods we were targeting, a more comprehensive approach would need to be taken.  

From there, a smaller sub-committee began meeting with Lexington Leadership Foundation Director, Eric Greary in a twofold mission to develop an after-school tutoring program for Louisville and to explore the national Leadership Foundations operating model.  As a result, the decision was made to incorporate a Louisville based branch of Leadership Foundations (www.leadershipfondations.org) and Metro Leadership Foundation was born. 

Sandy Gross
Sandy was a former VP with Citigroup, Senior Marketing Services Manager for ACCENT Marketing, and is ​the President and Founder of Renewing Me Ministries. . 



Prayerfully discern the most urgent needs within our urban communities, identify the most gifted leaders and organizations to address those needs, and mobilize the Body of Christ across denominations to serve, solve, and support those needs.            

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Lonnie Riley 

Chair of the Board 

Director, First Southern Bancorp, 1986-present; Board 

Eric Greary 

Chair of the Board 

- Lexington Leadership Foundation 

Our Mission:

To Transform Our City - One Person - One Family - One Community at a time.

Metro         Leadership        Foundation     

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Our Vision:


Former Executive Director, Baptist Fellowship Center; Senior Pastor, Beargrass Missionary Baptist Church, Director, West End Boys School; Trustee, Campbellsville University; Superintendent of Missions, Central District Baptist Association, Pastor, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Park City, KY,